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Added: 2022-01-12
<drijen> man log4j is eating $big_company tooling alive
<drijen> our netbrain instances run on elastisearch
<maldridge> you're surprised?
<drijen> no, but surprised they are moving so flipping slow
<maldridge> java is the COBOL of business

Added: 2021-12-16
<hodbogi> but I was wondering, has anyone used MooseFS?
<poprocks> the filesystem that only allows Canadian Content?

Added: 2021-11-30
<phy1729> How many route protocols are you running in your house?
<maldridge> 2?
<maldridge> I think
<phy1729> you aren't sure?
<maldridge> look
<maldridge> I type show route
<maldridge> and the routes are there
<maldridge> I don't ask further questions as to how

Added: 2021-11-23
for future reference I just took out the health checks and I get everything launching.

Added: 2021-10-27
<Vaelatern> Any of you actually used Ansible Tower in anger?
<perro> sounds like jenga

Added: 2021-10-21
<Vaelatern> the site is actually snappy, and I like it
<phy1729> except for the data being crap
<phy1729> which seems like a typical webdev thing

Added: 2021-10-07
<perro> is that an ad or assault

Added: 2021-09-29
<perro> yeah but hawaii for 3 years
<perro> it's more expensive there overall, too, yeah?
<drijen> hawaii is not a paradise
<drijen> tbf
<perro> not everywhere can be richardson

Added: 2021-09-22
<+tinsoldier> ⏱﹖﹥ Trivia (easy): In the hexadecimal system, what number comes after 9?
<tinwhiskers> 0
<tinwhiskers> a
<+tinsoldier> ⏱﹖﹥ Puzzle hint: _ h_  L_ _ _ _ _  _ 
<+tinsoldier> ⏱﹖﹥ Time's up. The answer was 'The Letter A'.
<MrMattsmind> lol
<tinwhiskers> dooood

Added: 2021-09-16
<drijen> maldridge: <redacted> (the corp that does $gov_entity) keeps track of their IP addresses on excel spreadsheets
<maldridge> well how else will they plug them into microsoft access
<^m> come on i just ate

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